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Why is Women’s Safety Neglected in Disasters?

This article questions why women’s safety never seems to be a priority in disaster situations around the world, even when funds have been allocated to prevent gender-based violence. Why is global women’s safety placed at bottom of list with relief action? Marcy Hersh, Women News Network November 12, 2013 A woman living in a displacement camp in Port-au-Prince, Haiti shows her level of survival with a makeshift home that has no ability to lock the door from intruders. Image: Refugees International (WNN/RI) Port-au-Prince, Haiti, CARIBBEAN, AMERICAS: There is always a convenient excuse. In Haiti, we don’t have the time. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we don’t have the funding. In the Syrian refugee response, we don’t have the experts. Somehow, there is always a pat answer to why we, the humanitarian community, fail to protect women and girls in […]

Haiti’s CNN Hero finalist Malya Villard-Appolon still believes in women & change

By Lys Anzia, WNN Features December 3, 2012 (WNN) Los Angeles, California, UNITED STATES: “These heroes speak one language – the language of humanity,” said American celebrity actor Harvey Keitel at the opening of the CNN Heroes – Everyday People Changing the World awards on Sunday night December 2, 2012. The CNN award for 2012,  which picked Nepal based Pushna Basnet as this year’s CNN Hero of the Year for her work to educate children, who’s mothers are currently serving prison terms inside Nepal, has brought $250,000 (USD) to the winner. Along with her Hero of the Year cash prize, Basnet has also received $50,000 (USD) with 9 other finalists who have been nominated by more than 5 million votes from human rights advocates to the public at large. Organizing in the face of what climate experts called “horrific adversity” with 1.5 million homeless, following […]

Haiti Advocates Press Legal Petition as IDP Hardship Reaches All-Time Highs (Women News Network)

Women News Network June 22, 2o11 Following seven months after Hurricane Tomas hit the Haitian region, hardship for the remaining 680,000 homeless tent-city residents is now reaching an all-time high. On November 5, 2010, Hurricane Tomas, with 130 kph winds, brought massive floods ushering in an expanded outbreak of cholera as make-shift tents and tarpaulins were ripped from their foundations and floods caused injury, death and 16,000 people to act with immediate voluntary relocation. Rising violence on forced evictions with forced removal from temporary homes by private land owners and Haitian authorities has now set legal team experts and advocacy rights groups to send a joint summary petition filing to the IACHR – Inter-American Commission on Human Rights demanding a follow-up on the precautionary measures recommendations made by the IACHR that were outlined to the Haitian government. “The Government of […]

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