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Haiti’s elections won’t relieve misery

By G. Dunkel, Workers World Hundreds of thousands of Haitians have been living in misery for more than seven months — without houses, jobs, sanitation, potable water or electricity. The lucky ones have tents for shelter, others only tarps or sheets. There are 1,370 officially recognized camps where more than 1.7 million people live, according to the Camp Management Coordinating Cluster. Fewer than 10,000 have been moved out to a new camp, but it is isolated and on barren ground without trees, grass, stores or shops. Its single hurricane shelter, according to a July Al-Jazeera Fault Line program, is flimsy and far too small. The Autonomous Federation of Haitian Unions on Aug. 23 denounced the increased exploitation of the small number of workers who still have jobs. Employers are ignoring labor laws that regulate overtime, hours and minimum rates of […]

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