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Assessment shows food insecurity still widespread in Haiti

The Haitian government and its UN partners have made significant improvements to alleviate the nation’s food insecurity, but the work is far from over. A recent assessment shows uneven progress across the country, noting that the areas least affected by Hurricane Matthew are now facing greater challenges of food insecurity. Part of the article is posted below. Click HERE for the original article. Three months after Hurricane Matthew, 1.5 million Haitians face hunger Caribbean News Now! January 20, 2017 While the number of Haitians facing hunger in areas hardest hit by Hurricane Matthew has declined steadily in the three months since the deadly storm ripped through the tiny island nation, more than 1.5 million people nevertheless remain food insecure, the United Nations said on Wednesday. The UN World Food Programme released findings from a joint assessment conducted in December with the UN […]

Food Aid Undermines Sustainable Nonprofit in Haiti

Medika mamba, a local product that can restore malnourished children to health, is made by a nonprofit that uses sustainable methods – like buying peanuts from local farmers – to affect systemic change in Haiti. Because of free and subsidized food aid from USAID, this nonprofit, Meds & Food for Kids, is having trouble staying afloat. The west’s peanut butter bias chokes Haiti’s attempts to feed itself Local provider of food to tackle malnourishment faces closure because aid agencies buy subsidised products from abroad Rashmee Roshan Lall, The Guardian July 10, 2014 Haitian children are checked by health agents for signs of malnutrition. Photograph: MFK Bedline is 17 months and weighs just 5.3kg. She lies feverish and quiet in her grandmother’s arms, eyes glazed, her pale blue nylon frock hanging off thin shoulders. Nearly 30 toddlers and their carers are crammed […]

Six months after quake, Haiti boosts its food security with UN help

UN News Centre Six months after being devastated by a massive earthquake, Haiti is on the road towards enhancing its food security, with assistance from the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in building a strong nutritional foundation for all of the impoverished Caribbean nation’s people. “In the hours immediately after the quake, WFP provided emergency food assistance that prevented this catastrophic event from evolving into a hunger crisis for the people of Haiti and the world,” said the agency’s Executive Director, Josette Sheeran. “Now we are working with the Government and other partners on programmes that use a mixture of food- and cash-for-work, school meals and nutritional initiatives to rebuild the food security system in Haiti,” she added. More than 200,000 people were killed in the magnitude-7.0 earthquake, which left 1.3 million more homeless and destroyed countless buildings, including […]

WFP Pre-Positioning Food In Haiti Before Rains and Hurricanes

By Lisa Schlein, Voice of America The World Food Program says it is pre-positioning two million ready-to-eat meals and other food supplies throughout Haiti in preparation for the rainy and hurricane seasons. The rainy season in Haiti is expected to peak in mid-May and the hurricane season about one month later. The World Food Program says it wants to head off difficulties in transporting food during these periods by pre-positioning supplies in a number of strategic locations throughout the country. In anticipation of the hurricane season, the World Food Program says it is distributing 20,000 metric tons of food.  That is enough to feed 1.3 million people for six weeks. A program to relocate internally displaced people from vulnerable camps in and around the capital, Port-au-Prince to safer areas before the rains is ending.  The World Food Program says it […]

Haiti: UN agency ramping up food aid ahead of upcoming rains, hurricane season

UN News Centre Haitians in Léogâne receive food bags The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is ramping up its assistance in Haiti, pre-positioning rations and distributing meals to those displaced by January’s earthquake ahead of the approaching rains and the upcoming hurricane season. More than 200,000 people were killed by the 12 January quake, which also left 1.3 million more homeless in the largely destroyed capital, Port-au-Prince, and nearby towns. As of last week, humanitarian agencies estimate that 3.5 million survivors of the earthquake have received food assistance, 1.3 million are receiving daily water distributions and some 510,000 have benefited from hygiene kits. More than 500,000 adults and children have been vaccinated against common diseases.Emilia Casella said the agency is pre-positioning 2 million humanitarian daily rations and 1,000 tons of high-energy biscuits in 31 locations around the country Updating […]

World Food Programme seeks to build long-term food security in Haiti

By Rebekah Mintzer, MediaGlobal Survivors of the Haiti earthquake pick up beans spilled during initial food distribution relief efforts in Port-Au-Prince. The UN World Food Programme is working to ensure that an already hungry Haitian nation will have increased food security in the coming months. (UN Photo/Marco Dormino) Nearly three months after the devastating Haiti earthquake, the world development community is looking for ways to feed a nation that struggled to feed itself even before the disaster struck. The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), the organization essential to feeding so many in Haiti during the initial emergency response period, is currently negotiating the shift towards creating longer term food security in the country in close partnership with the Haitian government. WFP plans on feeding 2.1 million Haitians per month in the near future, and the situation is being complicated […]

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