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Many Question the UN’s Legal Immunity

This article highlights UN human rights violations around the world, including cholera in Haiti, and describes why absolute immunity is a huge problem. Should the UN’s legal immunity continue? Ildi Amon, World News Australia Radio November 14, 2013 (Transcript from World News Australia Radio) United Nations personnel have been linked to instances of war crimes, sex offences, and torture. And accusations that the UN caused a cholera epidemic that’s killed thousands of people in Haiti have again focused attention on the international organisation’s legal immunity. Ildi Amon reports. Under the 1946 Convention on the UN’s Privileges and Immunities, the world body has been able to avoid prosecution in national and international courts world-wide. But some experts say the UN shouldn’t have blanket legal immunity. Professor of international law at the King’s College in London, Guglielmo Verdirame, says the UN often […]

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