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Fair Elections Can End Haiti’s Political Crisis

Just as the international community has played a major role in Haiti’s current political crisis, it has the opportunity to play a major role in ending it. In order to end this crisis and prevent another one in the near future, Haiti needs fair, democratic elections that respect the Constitution. Haitians have been constantly demonstrating in the streets against the unconstitutional way the crisis has been handled so far. If the next election is equally illegal, “it can make deterioration [of the situation] inevitable.” Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Ending Haiti’s Crisis Begins With Giving Haitians a Fair Vote Brian Concannon Jr., World Politics Review February 17, 2015 There is no question that Haiti’s government has hit the ground hard lately. Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe’s Cabinet resigned in December, following mounting criticism of its […]

Haiti Cholera Case Raises Questions About U. N. Accountability (World Politics Review)

Amy Lieberman, World Politics Review December 1, 2011 A recently filed legal petition claiming that the United Nations acted negligently and recklessly in Haiti is raising difficult questions about U.N. accountability – and its legal immunity. The petition (.pdf), submitted November 3, is already raising the possibility that a legally mandated, but rarely implemented, judicial procedure for civilians, living in the countries with U.N. peacekeeping missions will be enforced. As a result, the petition’s implications go far beyond the particulars of the Haiti case, in which more than 5, 000 Haitians argue that the U.N. failed so far to provide them with the means of remedy after cholera was introduced to Haiti for the first time in 50 years by Nepalese Peacekeepers… But when some affected Haitians tried to file claims for damages with the U.N. through the proper channel — […]

Haiti Relief Aid Comes with Sovereignty Setback Attached

By Amy Lieberman, World Politics Review Though foreign aid to earthquake-stricken Haiti is reaching the government at a sluggish rate, waves of assistance to international aid organizations working there continue to flow. The Haitian government has received just $90 million of the $5.3 billion promised by the March U.N. donor conference for the first 18 months post-earthquake, according to Alice Blanchet, special adviser to Haiti’s Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive. By contrast, Doctors Without Borders has received donations of $112 million following the quake, while the Red Cross has brought in $468 million. Oxfam International, which is providing aid to 440,000 people, or 20 percent of the earthquake-affected population, is working with a post-earthquake budget of $90 million. With the Haitian government a regular on Transparency International’s list of “Most Corrupt” countries, the aid organizations are deemed best-equipped to handle money […]

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