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Were hurricane deaths in Haiti preventable?

Hurricane Matthew killed more people in Haiti than anywhere else nearby and cholera cases have spiked in the south. The World Socialist Web Site makes the case that many deaths were caused by other factors: United Nations peacekeepers’ pollution and introduction of cholera, neglect by neighboring U.S. administrations, and Haiti’s lack of infrastructure. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full article. Hundreds of preventable deaths caused by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti by John Marion, World Socialist Web Site October 10th, 2016 The scope of the disaster left in Haiti by Hurricane Matthew is becoming clearer, with hundreds of people dead, tens of thousands without shelter, and many areas still unable to communicate with the outside world nearly a week after the storm made landfall at the town of Les Anglais in the Sud Department. The storm’s winds […]

Haiti presidential elections to be held at gunpoint

By John Marion, World Socialist Web Site The November 28 presidential elections in Haiti will be a travesty of democracy. Not only is the nation still reeling from the effects of the January 12 earthquake and diplomatic pressures from the United States, but the government is moving to disenfranchise large numbers of voters. A major concern of the Haitian government is to avoid a political explosion over its handling of the January 12 earthquake, in which over 200,000 people ultimately died while the arrival of US military forces blocked the arrival of medical supplies. On September 28, the government imposed a deadline for voter registration, declaring that people registering after that date would have to wait for the next presidential elections before they can vote. As a result, large numbers of people will be denied the right to vote. According […]

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