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How UN’s New Cholera Elimination Plan Began with Haitians

Although Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s apology for the United Nations’ role in Haiti’s cholera apology is a major improvement in the UN’s response, there are questions about the UN’s new cholera elimination plan. For one, it doesn’t seem much different from the plan the Haitian government had already announced two years before. Even Ban’s op-ed regarding the plan echoes ideas previously proposed by Haitian public health advocates. The advocate who wrote this article emphasizes the importance of remembering where the cholera elimination work began. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. The Problem with Ban Ki-Moon’s Plan for Cholera in Haiti Kenny Moise, Woy Magazine December 21, 2016 Lately, a spotlight has been placed on the United Nations in Haiti. Outgoing Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon has delivered pivotal statements at the General Assembly and via the Miami Herald […]

Haiti’s Failed August 9th Elections Placed In Context

On August 9th, Haiti held its first round of legislative elections after more than three years of delays and political squabbles. Election Day was marred by violence, fraud, and other irregularities all over the country but initial accounts from the Electoral Council (CEP) and major international observers ignored those issues. The article below examines the problems with these elections in the context of dangerous precedents set by Haiti’s past elections ever since the country’s very first democratic election in 1990. Click HERE for the full article text. Electoral Carnival in Haiti Etant Dupain, Woy Magazine August 25, 2015 The elections of August 9th, 2015 are clear proof that Haiti has a serious disease. We waited 4 years for these long overdue elections, only to end up with a demagogic mess. These words are not simply my opinion, but also the remarks of RNDDH […]

Journalists Witness Secret Deportations from the DR

The Haitian-Dominican Malpasse border has attracted international media outlets and journalists to document the Dominican deportation crisis. So far, “secret” deportations have been orchestrated at the early morning hours and away from potential witnesses. However, the Haitian government has no formal arrangement to receive the deportees and lacks adequate support systems for them, leaving these repatriated individuals without any place to go. Click HERE for the full article. 6 Things I Have Observed at the Malpasse Border Between Haiti and the Dominican Republic Etant Dupain, Woy Magazine June 20, 2015 Malpasse is the biggest border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Malpasse is located 1 hour away from Port-au-Prince, and is the site of the majority of the trade between the two countries. I arrived at the border on June 17th in, the evening, after the registration deadline given by […]

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