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Opposing Parties Unite for Justice for Aristide

This update focuses mostly on the current case against former Haitian President Aristide, with a brief mention of the August 10th prison break at the end. One key point is that people who usually oppose Aristide are joining Aristide supporters in denouncing the judge heading the case him. Realizing the importance of the rule of law, these opponents are putting aside their political differences in the name of justice. Haiti: Aristide’s lawyers question inquiry Weekly News Update on the Americas blog, World War 4 Report August 26, 2014 Former Haitian prime minister Yvon Neptune (2002-2004) appeared before investigative judge Lamarre Bélizaire at the judge’s Port-au-Prince office on Aug. 22 to answer questions in an inquiry into allegations of corruption and drug trafficking during the second administration of former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide (1991-1996, 2001-2004). Bélizaire has notified the authorities that 33 people, […]

Is arrest warrant for Aristide waived?

Some say that the arrest warrent against former President Aristide has been waived due to the investigation into the judge who issued the warrant, Lamarre Bélizaire. Bélizaire, on the other hand, insists that the charges were never waived and he doesn’t know why the arrest hasn’t yet been made. Aristide’s lawyers, including Mario Joseph, are seeking recusal of Bélizaire for bias and maintain that the investigation must be stopped while authorities handle the recusal. Keep an eye on our site for more information. Haiti judge orders arrest of former president Aristide Jamaica Observer August 21, 2014 PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti (CMC) – A judge who has issued an arrest warrant for former president Jean Bertrand Aristide says he expects the police to bring the former head of state before him by force if necessary. Lawyers representing Aristide have filed a […]

In Haiti, barred political parties, homeless call for reform ahead of elections

By Judith Scherr, Free Speech Radio News Click Here to Listen TRANSCRIPT: Haiti is preparing for presidential, parliamentary and local elections on November 28th, but there’s growing concern about whether the electoral process will be free and fair. At least 14 parties including Haiti’s largest, Fanmi Lavalas, are barred from participating. Leaders of at least five of the excluded parties are calling for non-participation in the vote. So are many homeless earthquake survivors who say they won’t vote until living conditions improve. Judith Scherr has the story. Many residents are frustrated by the Provisional Electoral Council’s decision to bar certain parties from fielding candidates. One of those parties is Fanmi Lavalas, the popular party of exiled president Jean Bertrand-Aristide. At a protest against the exclusion of Lavalas near the electoral offices, demonstrators eased into the street and stopped traffic in […]

Political Prisoners: resources

Political Prisoners Ronald Dauphin Annette Auguste Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste Bob Moliere Yvon Neptune Photos of Amanus Maette Release –April 26, 2007 The Former Deputy of St. Marc, Amanus Maette Is Released –Wadner Pierre, April 26, 2007 Many political prisoners still held in Haiti’s jails -People’s Weekly World, February 9, 2007 More Delays in La Scierie Case -AHP, January 24, 2007 Partial Political Prisoner List -Bureau des Avocats Internationaux, December 2006 Ruling on La Scierie case expected early December -AHP, November 30, 2006 Open Letter to the Minister of Justice Rene Magloire Demanding the Release of Political Prisoners – October 19, 2006 National Lawyers Guild Calls on Haiti’s Elected Government to Release Political Prisoners Remaining From the Latortue Dictatorship – Press Release, October 25, 2006 Lettre ouverte au Ministre de la Justice pour exiger la libération des Prisonniers politiques dont l’ancien […]

Informations Supplémentaires dans le Dossier 445/05

Brian Concannon Jr. Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti P.O. Box 745 Joseph, OR 97846 Email: Téléphone: 541-432-0597 Mario Joseph, Av. Bureau des Avocats Internationaux B.P. 19048 Port-au-Prince, Haïti Email: Hastings Human Rights Project for Haiti University of California, Hastings College of the Law 200 McAllister Street San Francisco, CA 94102 Commission Interaméricaine des Droits de l’Homme Informations Supplémentaires dans le Dossier 445/05 Yvon Neptune / Haïti Dans le cas d’Yvon Neptune contre la République d’Haïti, les pétitionnaires félicitent d’abord la Commission Interaméricaine des Droits de l’Homme pour son rapport No 64/05, dans lequel la Commission déclare admissible la pétition reçue au nom de l’ancien Premier Ministre haïtien le 20 avril 2005. Les pétitionnaires jugent nécessaire de présenter quelques informations supplémentaires à la Commission et de retracer le développement du cas depuis la date de la déposition […]

Due process of law is not available for Petitioners in Haiti.

distribution of voting centers.  Many poor rural voters will need to travel by foot for several hours to vote, which will likely depress participation by the poor.  There have been chronic problems with the preparation and distribution of the identification cards needed to vote. As with registration, the poor are likely to bear the principal burden of these problems. Not only these procedural defects, but also the IGH’s systematic persecution of political dissidents, prevent effective participation by government opponents.  Many top dissidents, including Prime Minister Yvon Neptune and several former members of Parliament and local officials, remain in jail illegally.  Imprisonment prevents these activists from running as candidates or organizing for the elections.  The IGH’s repeated deadly attacks against demonstrations and other public events deter voters and citizens from meeting and organizing to discuss political matters.  Finally, the attacks against […]

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