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Haiti’s Elections Highlight Drastic Female Underrepresentation

As the Haitian elections cycle continues, the list of more than 1,800 candidates is subject to criticism. Currently, females  comprise approximately 8% of all candidates in the legislative elections: only 151 women as of May 29th. However, the Haitian constitution requires political parties to meet a 30% quota for female candidates, highlighting a gap between Haitian political policies and practice.

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Despite Mandatory Quotas, Women are Exceedingly Underrepresented among 2015 Electoral Candidates

Kasia Mika, The Haiti Elections blog

June 12, 2015

No matter how many times you count it, the numbers just don’t add up. Out of 1809 candidates registered for the legislative elections, as of the 29th of May, there are only 151 women. That is just over 8% of all standing candidates. Out of 70 candidates for the presidential elections, only 6 of them are women; that is approximately 9%.  However, both the Haitian Constitution (Article 17.1) and the Electoral Decree (Article 100.1) set a quota of female participation at 30%. The clash between legislative directives and the political reality could not be any more indicative: the existing legislative framework is not enough to combat female under-representation in the political sphere.

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