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Haiti TPS Trial Recap!

Video Updates from Bea:

Media Coverage:
Canaan: Haiti’s Promised Land, Allison Shelley, Jacob Kushner, Mark Fahey, Pulitzer Center, January 13, 2015
Temporary Protected Status: An Overview, American Immigration Council, August 1, 2018
Flee or hide: Haitian immigrants face difficult decisions under Trump, Alexandra Villarreal, The Guardian, October 30, 2018
Trial to Begin in Fight to Challenge Trump Haiti TPS Decision, Naeisha Rose, Haitian Times, January 4, 2019
Haitian Immigrants & Allies Decry Trump Termination of TPS at Opening of Federal Trial, NIPNLG, IJDH, 32BJ SEIU, BAJI, UndocuBLACK, NYIC, January 4, 2019
Outside Federal Court, Haitian Immigrants and Allies Decry “Racist” Trump End of TPS at Start of Federal Trial to Halt Possible Deportations, NIPNLG, IJDH, 32BJ SEIU, BAJI, UndocuBLACK, NYIC, January 7, 2019
Bklyn Trial Begins to Halt Trump’s Move to End TPS for Haitians, Andrea Leonhardt, BK Reader, January 7, 2019
Brooklyn Lawsuit Aims To Revive Protection For Haitian Immigrants, Arun Venugopal, Gothamist, January 7, 2019
Lawyer: ‘racist animus’ behind Trump administration push to revoke Haitian immigrants’ status, Mikey Light and Michael Gartland, NY Daily News, January 7, 2019
Haiti, TPS, and Racial Bias, Jeffrey S. Chase, January 7, 2019
Trial Begins to Halt Trump’s Termination of TPS for Haitians, Shani Saxon, Color Lines, January 7, 2019
Trump on trial: Haitian refugees get their day in court, Will Drickey, Metro News, January 7, 2019
Day 1 Of Haiti TPS Trial: Trump Administration Attempts To Dismiss TPS Defense Witnesses, Haitian Times, Naeisha Rose, January 8, 2019
Day 2 Of Haiti TPS Trial: Accuracy Of Earthquake Devastation Questioned,Naiesha Rose, Haitian Times, January 9, 2019
TPS: Haïti-Liberté et FANM intentent un procès contre Trump !, Alexandra Panaguli, Haiti Liberte, January 9, 2019
Historic TPS Trial Judging Trump’s Racism Begins in Brooklyn, Kim Ives, Haiti Liberte, January 9, 2019
Trump move to cut off temporary status for Haitians heads to trial, Adam Geller, PBS, January 9, 2019
Day 3 of TPS Trial: Haiti Expert Accused of Bias, Naeisha Rose, Haitian Times, January 10, 2019
Facing Mass Deportation, Haitians Sue Trump to Preserve Temporary Protected Status, Democracy Now, January 10, 2019
A Trial on Whether Trump Has the Right to End TPS for Haiti ends. Now comes the wait., Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald, January 11, 2019
Last Day Of Haiti TPS Trial: Issues In Haiti Were There Before Earthquake, Trump Lawyers Argue, Naiesha Rose, Haitians Times, January 11, 2019

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