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Haiti: Poor Outraged Over Hunger and Rural Economy

By: Wadner Pierre – Amongst the poor in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, the lack of affordable food is becoming a mounting problem. On tap-taps, colorfully decorated automobiles used for transportation by the poor, one can hear this discussion daily. Conversations on the tap-taps are referred to as “Radio thirty two”. Many poor Haitians have taken to referring meanwhile to hunger as “Klorox”, a reference to a bleach which can kill people if enough of it is swallowed. Riding the tap-tap one hears references to “Klorox” when people mean hunger, a code word to mask the daily misery. Recently, international headlines have paid attention to hunger in Haiti, where people resort to eating mud pies. During the 1980s, due to pressure from the United States government, the dictatorship of Jean-Claude Duvalier wiped out the creole pigs (porca) that were […]

On World TB Day 3.24.08: Linking Debt & Tuberculosis

By mon�t cooper | Jubilee USA Network Today is Maya Yamazaki, policy analyst at the Families USA Global Health Initiative, sent us a link to a game called �Whack TB [Tuberculosis].� Basically, the gamer/user takes a mallet that, literally, pummels the disease in countries all over the world. The game begins slowly. I eliminated TB in Nigera, which has about 704,000 reported cases. I whacked TB in Tanzania, which has over 190,000 cases, then on to Brazil, Peru, Columbia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. But I noticed something: The more I let tuberculosis feel the brute force of my mallet, the faster TB spread. One of the deepest contrasts and, to me most disturbing comparisons, is the number of cases in Florida versus those in Haiti. Florida reports 1,038 cases of tuberculosis, yet Haiti, only 600 miles away from […]

Editorial: Globalization And Terror – Murder Inc. and Haiti

By: Toni Solo – “Evidence is mounting that United Nations peacekeepers shot and killed unarmed civilians, including children, during a recent raid in Haiti…Independent witnesses say up to 23 people were killed during the raid and that many were shot in the head. “(1)“Two women and two children were killed in an air strike called in by British forces in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence said.”(2)“Operations by U.S. and multinational forces and Iraqi police are killing twice as many Iraqis – most of them civilians – as attacks by insurgents, according to statistics compiled by the Iraqi Health Ministry.” (3)“Yesterday in Quito’s Military Hospital, Mexican student Luc�a Morett gave her first formal statement to Ecuador’s public prosecutor William Pesantez, testifying that Colombian soldiers… murdered people who were wounded or who had surrendered.” (4)Corporate globalization depends on governmental readiness to […]

Haiti: The Benefits of a Weak State

Haiti: The Benefits of a Weak State By Darren Ell HIP Special Report – Darren Ell is a photojournalist from Montreal, Canada who contributes to the Haiti Information Project (HIP). His previous work, interviews with Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, Mario Joseph, and Brian Concannon Jr., focused on the violation of civil and political rights following the 2004 coup d��tat. This article looks at the international community�s violation of the social and economic rights of Haitians. His photographic work on the impact of the 2004 coup d��tat will be presented in a public exhibition in Montreal in the last two weeks of September 2008. This article assumes that Western nations have an option. In the past, they invested in their own people in the midst of economic depression; they rebuilt the economies of entire nations following World War II; they now have unprecedented […]

Haiti’s Supporters in Congress Need Your Help!

Representatives Maxine Waters (D- CA) and Spencer Bachus (R- AL) are calling on their colleagues to sign their bi-partisan letter to the Secretary of the Treasury (below) urging him to 1) expedite the cancellation of Haiti’s debts to the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and other multilateral financial institutions, and 2) urge an immediate suspension of debt service payments from Haiti. Both Representatives have gone out on a limb for the poor of Haiti, and now they need you to tell your Representative to stand up with them. Haitians need you too: recent headlines remind us of Haitians eating cookies made of salt, butter and dirt, because they cannot afford food. While Haitians are forced to eat dirt, their government is forced to send almost $1 million each week in debt service to wealthy banks that were established to fight […]

Mud Cookie economics in Haiti

By Kevin Pina Poor Haiti, the nation they would have us believe is close to a failed state, needs our help once again. A recent AP article shook charitable institutions to their core by revealing that Haitians are eating cookies made of mud to fill their bellies. After more than an estimated 2 billion dollars of international aid to date, not including all the spiritually challenged Jesus folk who invested a lot more, Haitians still have to live off mud cookies made of dirt to survive. What a realization! Now comes the deluge of charities trying to do for the Haitian people what they presumably cannot do for themselves while never asking what happened to all that aid money. Some do it for humanity while others do it for Jesus and all the while it builds more dependency not less […]

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