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IJDH/BAI Open Letter to the UN Victims’ Rights Advocate and Response

In May 2020, IJDH and BAI sent an open letter to UN Victims’ Rights Advocate (VRA), Jane Connors. Attorneys Mario Joseph and Sandra Wisner wrote, “As lawyers representing the mothers of children fathered and abandoned by UN peacekeepers, in Haitian court proceedings for child support, we write to express our concerns that almost three years after these cases were filed, the UN’s failure (a) to certify the non-applicability of functional immunity directly to Haitian courts pursuant to Article 52 of the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) and (b) to recognize that these cases involve legal rights, processes, and obligations, is impeding access to justice for our clients.” “We, therefore, call on the VRA in its mandate to secure access to remedies for victims of sexual exploitation and abuse to ensure that, in accordance with Article 52 of the SOFA, UN […]

IJDH/BAI Submission to the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rights Defenders

IJDH and BAI made a submission (informal translation to French here, along with Attachment 1 and Attachment 2) to the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders in response to her call for input to a report on killings of human rights defenders. The submission highlights in particular an assassination attempt and death threat directed at BAI attorney Job Gene in connection with his work as a human rights defender. It further explains that Haiti’s human rights defenders are facing immense risks in the current environment in Haiti: there have been a number of documented killings and attacks directed at human rights defenders, the government has been violently suppressing peaceful protests, and has been implicated by local human rights organizations in violence directed against civilians. BAI’s managing attorney, Mario Joseph, has been repeatedly cautioned regarding his safety given his work on behalf of […]

Deklarasyon La Saline: Dwa pou moun viv pa konn kanpe!

PDF Version: Deklarasyon La Saline Mete nan kontèks Sou Desanm 27, 2018, yon jou refleksyon sou evènman dènye san ki te fèt nan La Saline nan Novanm 2018 te pote soti nan Quisqueya Inivèsite, Notre Dame Inivèsite an Ayiti ak rezo a Nasyonal pou defans la nan Dwa. Moun (RNDDH). Aktivite sa a te ale nan plizyè douzèn moun ki soti nan diferan sektè nan lavi nasyonal – defansè dwa moun, avoka, doktè, agwonòm, pastè, prèt, pwofesè inivèsite, elèv, jounalis, ekonomis, aktivis feminis, lidè konpayi, sikològ, sosyològ, elatriye. – te yon opòtinite pou yon lòt fwa ankò, prezante dosye imen an ak materyèl, fè yon analiz legal nan evènman, gade nan sitiyasyon sekirite a nan La Saline, ensistans enpak li sou lavi yo nan fanmi yo ak timoun yo epi reflechi sou yon estrateji pou aksyon kolektif pou pote lavi […]

Bertha Justice Fellowship 2019-2021

We’re excited to announce our new Bertha Justice Fellowship for 2019-2021. With the generous support of the Bertha Foundation, we are offering a two-year legal fellowship for an emerging lawyer committed to pursuing a career in public interest law. We are particularly interested in candidates who know Haiti and speak Haitian Creole and/or French, as the Fellow will work closely with the team at BAI in Haiti. Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, short writing sample, and contact information for two references electronically to by January 31, 2019. Please include “Bertha Fellow” in the subject line. Click HERE for more information on the fellowship and qualifications. Check out more about the Bertha Foundation here.

Judge Allows Torture Lawsuit to Proceed Against Former Haitian Mayor Turned Boston School-Bus Driver

View in French The Bureau des Avocats Interationaux (BAI) has represented David Boniface, Juders Yseme, and Nissage Martyr (since deceased) in their pursuit for justice against former mayor Jean Morose Viliena in the Haitian court system. Realizing that its clients would not receive a fair trial in Haiti due to corruption, BAI reached out to the Center for Justice & Accountability to pursue legal avenues in the U.S. against Viliena, who resides near Boston. Jean Morose Viliena to Answer for Attacks on Journalists and Human Rights Defenders Boston, Massachusetts, September 4, 2018 – On Friday August 31, the U.S. District Court in Massachusetts ruled that torture, murder, and arson claims can proceed against former Haitian mayor Jean Morose Viliena, a Boston area resident and former school-bus and Uber driver. The lawsuit was filed on March 23, 2017 by the Center […]

BAI Holds Press Conference with Victims of Pèleren 5 Evictions and Demolitions

View in ENG. Kolektif Viktim Pèleren 5 yo  ap  kontinye denonse ak tout fòs yo zak kraze brize fòs represif  administrasyon Moise-Lafontant an fè kont nou menm, malere ak malerèz, nan pèleren 5,  soti lendi 2 jiyè pou bout mèkredi 4 jiyè 2018 la , an prezans komisè gouvèlman an, mouche Ocnam Clamé Daméus,  sekretè deta sekirite piblik la, mouche Ronsard Saint-Cyr ak pwopriyetè kay mesye Jovenel Moise rete a, mouche Yves Leonard. N ap raple pou laprès, lendi 2 jiyè ki sot pase a, ajan meri komin taba majistra Nice Simon, ki se mandan Yves Leonard, ap dirije a debake nan komin petyonvil pou make sou yon bann kay prive: “DGI à démolir”. Tousuit aprè, nan  madi 3 jiyè ozanviwon 4 trè nan laprè midi,  komisè Ocname Clamé Daméus ak  sekretè deta sekirite piblik la, mouche Ronsard Saint-Cyr anvayi […]

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