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Advocates Denounce UN Chief’s Failure to Acknowledge Responsibility for Cholera

  Contact: Sienna Merope-Synge, Port-au-Prince, +509-4875-3444, (English, French, Creole) Mario Joseph, Port-au-Prince, +509-3701-9879, (Creole, French, English) Beatrice Lindstrom, New York, +1-404-217-1302; (English, French, Creole)   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Advocates Denounce UN Chief’s Failure to Acknowledge Responsibility for Cholera Ban Visits Haiti Amidst Surging Cholera Outbreak in Hurricane-Ravaged South (BOSTON, NEW YORK, PORT-AU-PRINCE, October 15, 2016)–Advocates for victims of the UN-caused cholera epidemic in Haiti expressed shock that the Secretary-General did not acknowledge responsibility for introducing the epidemic while explaining his much-heralded “new approach” to cholera while in Haiti today. “It is outrageous for the Secretary-General to come to Haiti, see how much we are suffering, and once again refuse to acknowledge what everybody in Haiti knows that he knows to be a scientific fact,” said Mario Joseph, Managing Attorney of the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux, which has […]

Cholera Victims Demand Haitian President Stand For Justice at UN General Assembly

BAI and Haitian cholera victims held a demonstration outside of the National Palace on Tuesday. They called on acting president Privert to include a call for justice for victims of UN-introduced cholera in his upcoming address to the General Assembly. Now that the UN has publicly admitted its role in introducing cholera, it is time for the Haitian government to publicly advocate for justice. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. President urged to demand cholera reparations at UN General Assembly Samuel Maxime, Haiti Sentinel September 16, 2016 PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – Haitians held a sit-in protest outside of the National Palace, Tuesday, the occasion of the opening of the 71st United Nations General Assembly, to demand their president call for damages from the UN for its role in the cholera outbreak during his speech to the […]

Former UN Official Lauds the Fight for Cholera Justice

“The United Nations has capitulated on the question of Haiti and cholera. After nearly six years of denial and hiding behind the pretext of immunity, the United Nations has finally conceded that it had real responsibility in bringing cholera to Haiti.” In the video below, Stephen Lewis, a former Canadian Ambassador to the UN, comments on the UN’s admission of involvement in the cholera epidemic in Haiti. He also commends BAI and IJDH for our work fighting for justice and helping make this happen. He reminds everyone who cares about justice that it is important to keep fighting despite the challenges. Stephen Lewis: The Week in Review 128 — The UN Admits Responsibility in Haiti Stephen Lewis, AIDS-Free World August 19, 2016

Following UN Admission of Responsibility for Haiti Cholera, U.S. Appeals Court Upholds UN Immunity

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Mario Joseph, Av., Bureau des Avocats Internationaux, (in Haiti),, +509-3701-9878 (French, Creole, English) Brian Concannon, Jr., Esq., Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti,, +1-541-263-0029 (English, French, Creole) Beatrice Lindstrom, Esq., Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti,, +1-404-217-1302 (English, Creole, French) Following UN Admission of Responsibility for Haiti Cholera, U.S. Appeals Court Upholds UN Immunity Thursday August 18, Port-au-Prince, Boston, New York— In a decision released late today by the United States Second Circuit Court of Appeals, the Court upheld the United Nations’ immunity from claims filed on behalf of Haitian cholera victims. The decision concerned whether the UN’s alleged breach of obligations to settle claims out of court constituted a condition precedent to its immunity, such that the UN would not be able to claim immunity in court unless it offered […]

Haiti Launches the People’s Tribunal on U.S. Occupation/Domination

This article discusses the 1915-1934 US Marine Occupation of Haiti and the consequences that last even til today, including a reliance on NGOs, land rights problems, and tension between Haiti and DR (which was also occupied by Marines). Haitians are creating the People’s Tribunal “To reinforce the people’s foundations of consciousness-raising and mobilization to accomplish a political de-occupation, economic de-occupation, and a cultural and ideological de-occupation of the country.” One of the organizations helping with this movement is Bureau des Avocats Internationaux. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. “People’s Tribunal” Launched in Haiti to Commemorate 101 Years of U.S. Occupation Mark Schuller, Counterpunch August 2, 2016 Thursday, July 28, when Hillary Rodham Clinton took to the stage to accept the Democratic nomination to be the first female candidate of a major political party for president, was […]

Diskou Me Mario Joseph sou Tribinal Popilè Ayiti Ap Kreye

28 jiyè 2016 Jounen jodi 28 jiyè 2016 la, nap komemore plis pase 100 lane depi ayiti sou okipasyon Etazini. Yon long peryòd okipasyon ki pran plizyè fòm : Okipasyon lanavaz depi 1857, National City Bank fè dappiyanp sou rezèv lò nou 17 desanm 1914, envazyon tout tèritwa peyi a (1915-1934), kolaborasyon ak diktati sanginè Divalye yo pandan 29 lane ( 1957-1986), dominasyon sistematik politik peyi a depi aprè 86, avèk anviwon 30 lane ekonomi  neyoliberal qui kraze prèske tout pwodiksyon Nasyonal nou an e sitou, prezans yon fòs ame Nasyon zini ( Minista) nan peyi a depi 12 lane. Men, nan kontèks komemorasyon santenè okipasyon sa ki vize mete an akizasyon, atravè tribinal popilè sa, pisans enperyalis amerikèn nan pou tout krim li fè pèp Ayisyen an,kòman nou kapab wè angajman Biwo Avoka Entènasyonal yo (BAI), pa rapò ak misyon […]

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