• IJDH & BAI traveled to the Legacy Museum. IJDH Staff Attorney Kristina Fried reflected on the struggle for Black liberation from Haiti to Montgomery.

  • "Restitution for Haiti, Reparations for All: Haiti’s Place in the Global Reparations Movement”

    In December, IJDH published a paper explaining how Haiti's restitution claim can help advance the broader global reparation movement, but only if the broader movement helps Haiti get its democracy back. Follow the link to read the article in University of Miami School of Law’s Inter-American Law Review. #ReparationsForAll

  • IJDH and BAI were founded on the belief that building a more just and prosperous Haiti requires collective action, both in Haiti and in the countries where decisions about Haiti are too often made. Read about two of our key collaborations in 2023.

  • IJDH publishes our latest Human Rights Update, covering key recent developments relevant to human rights in Haiti from June through November 2023. The Update offers an overview of what is an ever-deepening governance, insecurity, and humanitarian catastrophe and highlights Haitians' continued call for the international community to stop propping up Haiti's current de facto government.


    The Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti is a U.S.-based human rights non-profit organization. Established in 2004, it is a partnership of human rights advocates in Haiti and the U.S., dedicated to tackling the root causes of injustice that impacts basic human rights in Haiti.


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