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Response of the BAI to Interrogation of Mr. Evens Jeune (press release)



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BAI�s response after the questioning of Evens Jeune



Jeune�s this past Tuesday, March 13, in les Cayes, as well as of his appearance on Thursday,

March 15, before Justice of the Peace Me. Gabriel Ambroise, under the direction of the Office of

the Prosecutor of the Trial Court of Port-au-Prince.

The BAI seizes this occasion to denounce, before national and international public opinion, that

despite the judicial authorities� scrupulous respect for the time-limit for appearance at the initial

hearing (48 hours) observed by the judicial, the initial questioning of Evens Jeune without the

presence of a lawyer was illegal and arbitrary, and contrary to the relevant laws.

That is why, the

suffering the deprivation of his basic rights, regardless of the person�s philosophical, religious or

political beliefs, urgently dispatched its representative, Me Mario Joseph, not only to assist him,

but also to ensure the respect of his rights.

The BAI wants to point out the fact that the prisoner Evens Jeune testified that he had been

tortured during and after his arrest, and even a few hours prior to his appearance before Judge

Gabriel Ambroise.

In addition, the BAI denies categorically the thundering declarations of Judge Gabriel Ambroise

indicating that there are complaints that have been filed against Mr. Evens Jeune, while on

Tuesday, March 15, 2007, during the questioning of the latter, the same Judge recognized the non

existence of any complaint, except for a simple report of one Richard to the DCPJ (Judicial

Police) on Wednesday March 14, 2007. Such an approach is a sham, or a legal artifice, recalling

the worst moments that the Haitian justice has known under the de facto Alexandre/Latortue


The BAI places the judicial authorities on notice against any attempt to hastily assemble a socalled

judicial case in favor of the sponsors and firm supporters of Thomas Robenson, aka


Justice is impartial, and does not seek REVENGE.

Any attempt to wring its neck is arbitrary� The arbitrary is ephemeral.

Port-au-Prince, March 15, 2007

Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI)


Me Mario Joseph, Av.

Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI) takes note of the warrantless arrest of Mr. EvensBureau des Avocats Internationaux, as part of its commitments to defend anyone

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