Al Jazeera Features Haiti Cholera in Its Anniversary Celebration

Al Jazeera English is celebrating its ten-year anniversary by giving updates on its most memorable documentaries in a series called REWIND. One of those REWIND features is Haiti in a Time of Cholera, which was filmed in 2013 and won an Emmy award in 2014. To update the story, Al Jazeera interviewed IJDH Staff Attorney Beatrice Lindstrom, who is also leading the cholera case and advocacy against the United Nations’ lack of accountability.

Some excerpts are below. Click HERE for the full feature.

Rewind: Haiti in a Time of Cholera

Al Jazeera English
November 8, 2016

What was your reaction when the UN secretary-general finally acknowledged the UN’s role in August 2016?

How effective has the UN’s response been for eradicating cholera in Haiti?
So far, the UN’s response to cholera has been completely underwhelming. Cholera is a tremendous emergency. The number of people who have died from cholera in Haiti is similar to the number of people who died in the recent Ebola epidemic in Africa.

Click HERE for the full feature.