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Catholic Priest Calls on Haitian Officials to Defend Cholera Victims

During the celebration of Feast of St Ann and Joachim in Tianon, Mirbalais located in the central Plateau of Haiti, Father Serdieu-Jean commends the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI) for its legal work as well as its advocacy work that generates support from international human rights to press for justice for the victims of cholera.

“For more than six years, cholera has put our compatriots in Haiti, especially in Fort Michel, Mont Blanc No. Six, to name a few, in a situation where they do not have clean water, yet they sell all they have in order to take care of people who are infected and bury people’s bodies who died from cholera. This portion of the population that is consistently neglected continue to be victims of cholera every day.This is very grave and it will be even more grave if this summer passes and civil society organizations, the Haitian government, the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux, Members Of Parliament — a lot of them are here–don’t speak out, or make a quick intervention.
We take our hats off in salutation to all of the organizations and offices, especially Bureau des Avocats Internationaux, who have intervened already.
Now, we ask the Haitian government, the members of parliament and all other sectors who it concerns, to take positions in favor of the victims of cholera, and for all of the Haitian people who aren’t victims yet. Because even if they are poor, they are still people who have rights and identities. Like all people, they have rights to justice, and reparations.”

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