Haitians Protest Against Trump’s Vile about Haiti and African Countries

Haitian protestors chanted and waved signs in response to Trump’s disparaging comments about Haiti and all the 43 African countries in front of the U.S embassy in Port-Au-Prince. In addition to his comments, Trump Administration has said that as of July 2019, Haitians who have been allowed to stay and work in the United States under the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) are expected to leave the country.

So fight back today! Call your Senators and Representatives (or the Congressional Switchboard: (202) 224-3121 and say where you live). When you reach your Senator or Representatives’ office, relay this simple message:

I am deeply concerned about President Trump’s remarks about Haiti and other countries. But I am more concerned about the termination of Temporary Protected Status that threatens 50,000 Haitians and their families. I urge you to stand up for my values by publicly repudiating the President’s statements, and supporting efforts in Congress to find a solution for TPS holders.

Protesters in Haiti condemn Trump remarks at embassy protest

by Associated Press, The Washington Post 

January 18, 2018

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Haitians showed their anger over recent words and actions by U.S. President Donald Trump with a protest Thursday outside the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince.

Demonstrators gathered outside the gates of the embassy complex chanting slogans and waving signs denouncing Trump over reported disparaging remarks about Haiti and a move to end a program that gave temporary legal status to thousands of Haitians in the U.S.

Signs and Creole chants by the protesters criticized reported remarks by the president last week in which he is said to have profanely labeled African countries and asked why the U.S. would want more Haitians.

“We are here today to let President Donald Trump know that we declare him persona non grata in Haiti,” said protest leader Mario Joseph, a prominent human rights lawyer and activist in the country.

The protest by fewer than 100 demonstrators was peaceful and ended without incident. Another demonstration was planned for next week.

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