Haitians with TPS Remain Protected!

Originally published in Haïti Liberté and authored by IJDH’s Steven Forester.

“Some Haitians have been alarmed by the Sep. 14, 2020 appeals court opinion that a lower court wrongly blocked the Trump administration’s termination of TPS for Haiti, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Sudan. But Haitians with TPS remain fully protected despite this opinion, including by a separate legal federal court ruling in their favor.

The Sep. 14 opinion of a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals was in Ramos v. Nielsen, one of four separate federal court cases challenging Trump’s November 2017 termination of Haiti’s TPS designation. U.S. district judges in two of the cases — in Brooklyn and in San Francisco — had issued injunctions blocking the terminations. Haitians with TPS, no matter where they reside in the United States, remain fully protected by the Brooklyn-based judge’s decision last year in Saget v. Trump, which the government has appealed to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

Indeed, both the concurring and dissenting judges in Sep. 14’s Ramos opinion noted that Saget still fully protects Haitians with TPS.”

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