Sandra Wisner Speaks to The New Humanitarian on the Landmark UN Peacekeeper Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Ruling in Haiti

IJDH Senior Staff Attorney Sandra Wisner discusses the landmark ruling in Haiti ordering a United Nations (UN) peacekeeper to pay child support, and broader implications for accountability for UN sexual exploitation and abuse.

“‘The BAI child support cases against UN peacekeepers are among the first of their kind worldwide, and to our knowledge this was the first ruling like this in Haiti,’ Wisner said. 

‘The verdict marks an important first step towards justice for our client and the many other women and children affected by exploitation and abuse,’ the lawyer said, noting that the case may help other courts around the world push such claims forward.


‘Our team now looks ahead to international enforcement while also continuing efforts on the other cases currently in local courts,’ Wisner said, noting that enforcement of the child support order would take the cooperation of the Haitian government, as well as Uruguay and the UN.” 

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