BAI, IJDH, and Landmark UN Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Judgment Featured in Thomson Reuters

IJDH Senior Staff Attorney Sandra Wisner speaks to Thomson Reuters about the work of the BAI and IJDH in combating sexual exploitation and abuse by United Nations (UN) peacekeepers and the landmark judgment in Haiti ordering a UN peacekeeper to pay child support.

“‘This is an important ruling that speaks to the Haitian judicial system’s capacity and willingness to hold U.N. peacekeepers to account for their actions,’ said Sandra Wisner, a senior attorney who worked on the case.


The human rights group Bureau des Avocats Internationaux in Haiti and the U.S.-based Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti (IJDH), who have given legal support to the women since 2017, said it was a ‘crucial step towards justice’.

‘This is the only favorable judgment we have received to date … the case may encourage similar claims around the world,’ said Wisner of IJDH, adding that the ruling was handed down in December but was not made public until recently.

‘It is now up to the U.N. to uphold its obligation to facilitate this ruling and establish a clear mechanism for enforcement in Uruguay.'”

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