Supporting Moïse, Washington lost Haitian trust: IJDH’s Brian Concannon in Responsible Statecraft

In the aftermath of President Jovenel Moïse’s assassination, IJDH’s Brian Concannon writes about the US’s support for the Moïse regime and the corrupt and violent PHTK.

“Respecting Haitians’ request to do less should be easy, except that it forces the international community and the U.S. in particular to face up to our policies, which have — over the years, decades, and centuries — contributed to instability and poverty in Haiti. It is easier to discuss sending vaccines, food and soldiers, which are relatively cheap and short-term, than it is to make the longer-term structural policy changes necessary to allow Haiti to become more stable and our actions more principled.

“…If he really wants to help Haiti, Biden will next take U.S. support for the PHTK regime and its flawed elections off the table as well, and allow Haitians a chance to solve their own problems.”

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