Boston’s Haitians celebrate as they advocate for a more constructive US policy

With the coming of Haitian Flag Day, Boston Globe columnist Marcela García writes on the city’s celebrations as well as conditions in Haiti.

“Haiti has become a dangerous and chaotic place to live. Conditions on the ground, which are worsening, have been pushing thousands of Haitians to flee and embark on risky journeys to seek refuge in other countries, primarily in the United States through the southern border.

“[Boston City Councilor] Louijeune has not only been representing and advocating for the local Haitian diaspora and recent arrivals from her country; she has also raised her voice to push the US government to take more constructive foreign and domestic stances toward Haiti, such as ending the dreadful Title 42 expulsions. Since President Biden’s inauguration, more than 20,000 Haitians have been sent back to a country that cannot keep them safe. These expulsions represent an astonishing American moral failure.

“Worse, the Biden administration continues to support Prime Minister Ariel Henry and his political party, the Pati Ayisyen Tèt Kale. A coalition of Haitian activists blames the PHTK, which has virtually controlled Haiti’s politics for the last decade, for the systematic dismantling of the country’s democratic institutions. The coalition — whose members include local Haitian diaspora organizations like the Ansara Family Fund at the Boston Foundation and the Boston-based Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti — wants the US government to support and partner with Haiti’s civil society organizations, which have created a roadmap that would lead to fair and democratic elections.”

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