Concerns mount as UN extends mission in Haiti

In an article in The Final Call, IJDH Executive Director Brian Concannon comments on the current insecurity in Haiti.

“Beyond media narratives characterizing Haiti as a bastion of dysfunction, violence and bloodshed, observers contend foreign influences are partly responsible for the conditions.

“The gangs, of course, aren’t there in a vacuum,” said Brian Concannon, executive director of the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti. These groups often fill a void of basic services in the absence of a functioning government in areas they control.

“In some of that inability to provide government services, Haitians should be blamed, but also the long-term economic exploitation of Haiti by the powerful countries is a big part of that,” said Mr. Concannon.

A major factor to be considered, he asserted, is the Haitian government alleged support of gangs. “And the government is there in part, because the United States is supporting the government,” he said.”

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