EXCLUSIVE: Surge in use of rape against women and rivals by Haiti gangs

The New Humanitarian reports on the ways in which Haiti’s crisis is trapping a generation in violence, driving increased sexual violence against Haitian women and girls, and causing immense displacement even as no formal safe spaces have been established. The BAI and IJDH’s Alexandra Filippova are featured.

BAI is providing legal support as women and girls face sexual violence, including in displacement sites, where “some alleged abuse was at the hands of local aid workers or government officials, according to [BAI’s Mario] Joseph, who said neither UN agencies nor the Haitian government are taking action to address the problem.”

“We’re in a crisis situation right now,” said IJDH’s Alexandra Filippova. “It’s very important for aid as a general rule not to bypass the state, but the government is unwilling to provide it. I think providing safe spaces with meaningful assistance is really, really critical.” 

“Women need everything right now… water, food, safe shelter, psychosocial medical care, and prophylactics to prevent pregnancy and the transmission of sexual diseases,” said Filippova. “And it’s urgent. The situation is getting worse, not better.” 

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