The U.N is Mulling Another Mission to Haiti. Haitians are skeptical.

As the UN considers intervention in Haiti, the BAI’s Mario Joseph and IJDH’s Beatrice Lindstrom speak on the UN’s 2010 mission, which introduced cholera to Haiti, in The Washington Post.

“’It’s really terrible,’ said Mario Joseph, a Haitian lawyer who has helped lead efforts to seek redress for cholera victims. ‘They gave us cholera, they didn’t do anything to eradicate the cholera’ and they are using its resurgence as a “pretext” to return, Joseph said.


“’The resurgence of cholera in Haiti today is a direct result of the U.N.’s failure to keep its promises,’ said Beatrice Lindstrom, a clinical instructor at Harvard’s International Human Rights Clinic who worked with Joseph to bring class-action lawsuits against the international body.”

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