Biden administration extends immigration protections for Haitians

With the Biden administration’s extension and redesignation of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haiti following calls from the Haitian diaspora, government officials, and advocates like IJDH and allies, IJDH’s Steve Forester comments in The Hill: “It’s welcome news and it’s the right call both legally and morally, as a nation that is committed not to deport people to conditions of tremendous danger, that’s what TPS is all about.”

Forester further underscores the need for a change in US policy. “The reason things have deteriorated so badly in Haiti is a result of the fact that unfortunately our policy has been to prop up a corrupt, illegitimate regime there that has caused conditions to get incredibly bad and dysfunctional and hellish.”

“The all-important next step is for State to recognize that its policy vis-a-vis Haiti of blocking democratic forces of civil society and propping up this illegitimate regime is a failure.”

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