He was mayor of a town in Haiti. Now he has to pay his victims $15M, U.S. court rules

A jury in Boston awarded $15.5 million to victims of a series of brutal attacks against political opponents by the former mayor of Les Irois, Haiti, Jean Morose Viliena, who now lives in Massachusetts. The next day, Viliena was indicted on visa fraud charges.

The U.S. case was brought by ally Center for Justice and Accountability (CJA). The BAI team represented the victims—including David Boniface, whose brother was killed by the mayor, Juders Isme who lost an eye, and Nissage Martyr, who lost a leg in an attack on a radio station—in courageous but ultimately unsuccessful attempts to obtain justice in Haiti. IJDH’s Brian Concannon served as an expert witness. Read more in the Miami Herald.