Justice groups multiply in Haiti two years after the assassination and in the face of war-like violence

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Originally published in O Globo, featuring IJDH’s Kristina Fried

In the midst of rampant gang violence, the rise of a civilian-led self-defense movement, and institutional erosion in Haiti, some are pushing for foreign intervention. Yet, IJDH’s Kristina Fried puts the current crisis into context and highlights Haitians’ demand for the international community to stop propping up the repressive and illegitimate de facto government.

Excerpt below (translated):

“Kristina Fried of the IJDH recalls that for more than a decade, the international community has supported the PHTK, the party responsible for dismantling Haiti’s democratic structures and accountability mechanisms, which ‘conspired with gang members, laying the groundwork for the current governance, security and humanitarian crisis’. The current premier, a longtime PHTK operative, was effectively installed as prime minister by a US-led ensemble of international actors.

“‘Many see international pressure for armed intervention in Haiti as yet another example of that support. Haitians are calling on the international community to stop supporting the repressive and illegitimate government that is directly responsible for corruption, impunity and incompetence,’ says Fried. — An armed intervention, requested by a de facto leader without constitutional authority to do so, would only serve to further consolidate the anti-democratic actors.”

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