US and UN to Send an International Police Force to Haiti to Prop Up a Corrupt Government: Interview with IJDH’s Brian Concannon

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Interview originally published in Background Briefing with Ian Masters, featuring IJDH’s Brian Concannon

Excerpt below:

Concannon: “The process that the Haitian people are calling for to get respite from the gangs is to stop the international community’s support of the repressive and corrupt government that is working with the gangs to impose so much terror on the population. That is Haitians’ one clear ask across civil society, is that the US especially needs to stop propping up their government. What the international community is proposing instead of that, is to send in troops as a way to prop up the corrupt, repressive government, and that the Haitians oppose.

“….the Biden administration, which is the main proponent of this force, wants it to happen but does not want to have US soldiers, especially white US soldiers, being cell-phone videoed shooting at Black civilians in Haiti which is what this mission is going to have to do. What the Biden administration has been trying to do since October is to get people of color to do this work, especially Black countries like Caribbean and African countries.”

Listen to full interview here