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Triple Murder of Deaf Women Spurns Activism

Following the brutal killings, Haitian civil society has come together to demand action. Activists have called for the inclusion of women with disabilities into the national gender equality plan in an attempt to remedy the causes of this event. IJDH Staff Attorney Nicole Phillips is also cited in this article. Click HERE for the original article. Murder of three deaf women in Haiti must be a starting point for change Anna Leach, The Guardian July, 18 2016 On Saturday 11 June government ministers and campaigners attended the funeral of three female street vendors, laid to rest in sturdy white coffins laden with flowers, with more than 2,000 people in attendance. Their brutal murders had shocked a country. Jesula Gelin, a mother of six, Vanessa Previl and Monique Vincent were all deaf and worked in Haiti’s capital. That is itself was notable – they were economically […]

Children of Peacekeepers: Those Left Behind by UN Mission in Haiti

The AP investigates children left behind by United Nations peacekeeping troops in Haiti, focusing on the single case of Rosa Mina Joseph, a very young Haitian mother. The father of her child, Julio Cesar Posse, left the country when his rotation ended, leaving Joseph with no contact information and no monetary support. The U.N. has acknowledged the issues of peacekeeper sexual abuse and paternity cases, yet little has been done to support the victims and their children. … Support Sought for Kids Left Behind by UN Troops in Haiti The Associated Press, The New York Times July 14, 2016 PORT SALUT, Haiti — The first time Rosa Mina Joseph met Julio Cesar Posse he was hanging out in civilian clothes on the beach in her hometown in southern Haiti, where he was stationed as a member of a U.N. peacekeeping force. Within weeks, she […]

UN Peacekeepers, The Disparity Between Perception and Reality

UN forces charged with the protection of at-risk populations have committed inexcusable crimes and betrayed their responsibility. Evidence of sexual assaults, running brothels and other alike actions range back as far as 2005. To date, however, there has not been a single prosecution by the UN. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. The devastating irony of calling UN troops ‘peacekeepers’ Ruby Hamad, Daily Life May 12, 2016 Peacekeepers. The term conjures up images of the proverbial ‘good guys’ selflessly guarding vulnerable populations. So proud is the UN of its Blue Helmets, as they are also known, that May 29 is International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers. But this year activists are demanding something a little different in terms of celebrations: accountability and prosecutions for the hundreds of UN troops who have committed sexual assaults. So prevalent are these […]

Strong Recommendations on Haiti from Women’s Working Group

The UN Security Council (UNSC) recently conducted a review of MINUSTAH. Below are the Women, Peace and Security Working Group’s recommendations on Haiti to the UNSC. Click HERE for the full report, including recommendations on other countries. MONTHLY ACTION POINTS: Women, Peace and Security July 27, 2015 As the Council considers a report on the UN mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) it is vital for the Council to call for women’s full and equal engagement in building Haiti’s future. This is particularly important in view of increasing threats and harassment against women-led civil society organizations, particularly against those calling for justice for sexual and gender-based violence. Options for reconfiguration of MINUSTAH must detail the ways in which gender will be mainstreamed and how women’s participation and protection will be at the core of the mission’s mandate. In this respect, in its discussion […]

La première politique pour l’égalité femmes-hommes est introduit

Le Président d’Haïti a pris la première étape à l’égalité femmes-hommes dans le pays. Un nouveaux document a été introduit avec quelques points focaux pour augmenter les droits des femmes: la justice, l’éducation, la santé, les emplois, la participation politique, et l’élimination des violences. Cette politique va être la première de ce type en Haïti. Vers la matérialisation de l’égalité de genre C.M., Le Nouvelliste 29 mai 2015 Le premier document de Politique d’égalité femmes­-hommes (PEFH) a été présenté par le Ministère à la Condition féminine et aux Droits des femme (MCFDF), à l’hôtel Kinam, en présence du président de la République. Cette politique est traduite à travers les six orientations énoncées par la titulaire du MCFDF. Cette politique d’égalité femmes­-hommes s’étend sur une période de 20 ans (2014­2034) et va orienter l’action de l’Etat avec les objectifs d’éliminer toutes […]

IADL Statement for Committee on the Status of Women

IJDH Staff Attorney Beatrice Lindstrom delivered this statement at the Committee on the Status of Women. It includes discussion of the need for elimination of all forms of violence against women, implementation of laws and resolutions towards that goal, and gender equality. The statement was made on behalf of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers, of which BAI is a member. March 17, 2015 Oral Statement: CSW59 “Beijing+20” Presented by the International Association of Democratic Lawyers and the Member Organisations of the Vienna NGO Committee on the Status of Women to the participants of the 59th Commission on the Status of Women: Considering the political declaration of CSW59 2015; Considering the urgency of unrestricted implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action in the UN Member States; …   Click HERE for the pdf.

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