UN Secretary-General Promises to Combat Sex Abuse and Exploitation

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Haiti hosts a peacekeeping mission with one of the largest numbers of reported sexual exploitation and abuse. The UN Secretary-General is urging MINUSTAH to appoint a victims’ rights advocate to address the increase in reported cases. In a new report, he puts forth a four-part strategy to address policy changes regarding, among others, fraternization of peacekeepers, investigations into sexual abuse and victims’ rights.

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UN will put sex abuse victims first, urge action on abusers

Edith Lederer, Associated Press

March 9, 2017

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced new measures Thursday to tackle the increase in sexual abuse and exploitation by U.N. peacekeepers and staff, calling for a new focus on victims and bans on alcohol and fraternization for troops.

The report released Thursday also calls on the General Assembly to back the U.N. chief’s call for financial penalties for the failure to investigate allegations and conclude the probe “in a timely manner” — and to put that money into the Trust Fund already established for victims. But it didn’t specify who would have to pay.

“I fully recognize that no magic wand exists to end the problem of sexual exploitation and abuse,” Guterres said. “Nevertheless, I believe that we can dramatically improve how the United Nations addresses this scourge.”

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