Haiti Political Asylum Case Law

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For the latest on immigration case law, see Kurzban’s Immigration Law Sourcebook, which has been updated continuously since 1990. The latest version is available here.  

This Political Asylum Spreadsheet is designed to serve as reference material for practitioners researching political asylum cases brought on behalf of Haitian refugees. The cases are organized by date, with the most recent cases appearing at the top. For each case, the main issues or points of law are summarized and the issue, or question, is stated in the “issue 1,” “issue 2,” and “issue 3″ column headers. The point of law or holding that corresponds to the issue is expressed in the “holding” column headers (holding 1 corresponds to issue 1, etc.). If you prefer to search by issues or keywords rather than date or jurisdiction, you can utilize the “find” function in Excel (located under the “edit” bar). This chart is up-to-date until May 11, 2007. If you plan to rely on or cite a case appearing in this chart, you should, of course, read the case yourself. Thanks to Natasha Merz, Clinical Law Fellow at the University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis for creating this resource.