Take action in Haiti’s fight for democracy

I do not need to tell you that Haitians are suffering. As someone who cares about Haiti, you have undoubtedly read about the escalating attacks by armed groups and growing deprivation with the same dread as I have, day after day.

We have been working furiously in the U.S. to maximize the opportunities for the emergence of a more just and principled U.S. policy to Haiti, by researching, writing, organizing, and advising. We believe that today’s crisis presents an opportunity to compel the United States and other powerful countries to allow a Haitian-led solution to emerge.

In recent weeks, we’ve received an influx of messages from policymakers, members of Haiti’s diaspora, and global solidarity networks. Each wants to support Haiti’s pro-democracy movement, and they trust that IJDH – with our 20 years’ experience bringing Haitians’ justice fight to the United States – can provide the information and analysis needed for effective action.

We are confident that this advocacy will make a critical difference, and we know we need to act fast.

-Brian Concannon, IJDH Co-Founder and Executive Director

How can you help?

 Your support will help us build on this momentum while this window for change exists.

Ask your Member of Congress to speak up in support of Haitian efforts to create a credible unity government.

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IJDH in the news

We have been speaking out in major media outlets worldwide because we need to make sure that the world understands that Haiti’s crisis is not just gang violence. It is the predictable result of two decades of the dismantling of Haiti’s democracy by U.S.-backed Haitian regimes. We speak out because if Haiti is going to transition to a more stable and prosperous future, there needs to be a clean break from the policies that generated the current crisis.


The Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti is a U.S.-based human rights non-profit organization. Established in 2004, it is a partnership of human rights advocates in Haiti and the U.S., dedicated to tackling the root causes of injustice that impacts basic human rights in Haiti.

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