Photo of Dr. Paul Farmer
Dr. Paul Farmer

We invite members of the IJDH community and others who were inspired, taught, healed or befriended by Paul Farmer to share their remembrances here.

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  1. Carla Bluntschli

    My husband and I read and reread and even preached the writings of Paul (Farmer, not the writer of another well known book) as we headed for Haiti in 1985 and have remained to this day, very thankful for his writing that corresponded exactly to our growing experience in Haiti as we watched the overthrow of Duvalier and on and on.

    My one and most favorite memory of Paul speaking directly to me (though we crossed paths several times along our ways here in Haiti) was after I had just finished translating some very corrupt politicians having to put into English words what I knew were lies before a congressional delegation that Paul had set up, forgetting the year but I remember Rose Kennedy being there. When I left my seat and went around to where Paul was standing he told me that he could see smoke coming up from my head (almost literally) as I was translating! He knew my position and that I was extremely uncomfortable and angry that I had to repeat these lies into English!

    May the blessings of his life continue to bring healing and transformation into this world. Ak anpil respè pou ou Paul! Nou p ap janm bliye ou!

  2. Amber Lampron

    Paul’s books inspired me in my work in special education and in my work with my husband to form a nonprofit in our home city of Minneapolis. Foothold Twin Cities, helping families in crisis locally, exists in part due to Dr. Paul’s inspiring words and actions. Forever grateful, Rest In Peace Dr Paul Farmer.

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