• Out now, IJDH’s latest update on the current status of human rights and rule of law in Haiti covers key developments from June 2022 through November 2022.

  • IJDH applauds Secretary Mayorkas’s December 5 announcement that DHS will redesignate Haiti for TPS, an announcement which recognizes that current conditions in Haiti make it impossible for the United States to safely deport people there now. However, the redesignation announcement underscores an important contradiction in U.S. policy, and we renew our calls for the State Department to stop propping up the regime in Haiti which made it necessary.

  • In a new press release, IJDH and BAI denounce the UN’s failure to eliminate cholera brought to Haiti by UN peacekeepers. The UN’s refusal to keep its promise to invest $400 million to improve water, sanitation and hygiene access and provide compensation to victims has allowed cholera to resurge.

  • Join IJDH, Haiti Response Coalition, and allies for a Haiti Advocacy Campaign to call on the US government to stop supporting Haiti’s repressive and corrupt government, so that a Haitian-led solution to the crisis can emerge.


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