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Interim President Privert Plans to Investigate Martelly’s Financial Mismanagement

Throughout Michel Martelly’s term as president of Haiti, there were accusations of him mismanaging funds, being corrupt and allowing his son and wife to embezzle funds. Haiti’s new interim president, Jocelerme Privert, has now promised to investigate these claims, saying that he “has not ruled out convening a task force” for the job. Haiti interim president vows to hold former leaders accountable AFP, Yahoo! News February 20, 2016 Port-au-Prince (AFP) – Haiti’s interim president Jocelerme Privert vowed Friday to do “everything in his power” to hold the previous administration accountable for its actions, amid allegations of corruption and mismanagement. Privert said he has met with leaders from civil society and political parties, as well as everyday citizens, who are demanding that the previous government of Michel Martelly be called to account for its less than stellar record of governance. “I […]

Haiti’s Fraudulently-Elected Parliament

With all of the attention on the presidential elections that began in October 2015, many seem to have forgotten about the fraud and violence that decided the August 2015 elections. The analysis below describes how those with the most money and power were able to take key spots in Haiti’s legislature during and following Haiti’s first round of elections. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Power and Money Rules in Artibonite Legislative Elections Haiti Relief and Reconstruction Watch, Center for Economic and Policy Research February 7, 2016 Months before the August legislative elections last year, a small scandal erupted in the electoral bureau of Haiti’s Artibonite department. Nine months later Haiti remains mired in a political crisis, but how this came to be has faded from the headlines. Tracing the election’s flaws from the beginning, in […]

How Haiti’s Elections Have Been Rigged

Haiti’s 2015-2016 elections have been marked by rampant fraud, voter suppression, and other problems. This cheeky “guide” breaks all of those problems down to explain how the current results don’t represent the popular will. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Haiti: A Beginner’s Guide to Fixing Elections Haiti Support Group January 7, 2016 It is not always possible to control the outcome of an election (remember 1990?!). The best thing is not to hold them at all – this worked well for all concerned in the Duvalier era. But, if elections are absolutely unavoidable, read the following guide and stay one step ahead of your competitors. Guiding principle: minimise the turnout; the smaller the turnout, the easier it is to micromanage the result. Preparation is everything –Eliminate hundreds of thousands of citizens from the electoral […]

The US Congress Needs to Hear From the Haitian Diaspora and Its Supporters Now! Stop US Support for Violent and Corrupt Elections in Haiti!

As the evidence of problems with Haiti’s elections mounts, the Haitian Diaspora and its supporters in the United States have a unique opportunity to convince the U.S. Government to insist on the fair elections that Haitian voters deserve. Already, popular pressure has forced the electoral council to postpone the next round of elections. This is a crucial moment for us to press for a credible and independent investigation into electoral fraud.  Please call your Representative in Congress on Wednesday, December 23, and urge them to tell the State Department to stop supporting the fiasco. Take Action – Calling is easy! 1.  Dial the Capitol Switchboard – 202-224- 3121. Ask to be connected with your Representative’s office.  (Click here to find your Representative by name or zip-code). 2.  You will be connected with Your Representative’s receptionist. Ask to speak to the staff person who handles international issues. […]

What will the US role be in Haiti’s fraudulent elections?

Many blame Haiti’s turbulent history, including the misuse of post-earthquake aid and the coups against former President Aristide, on Haitian corruption but fail to acknowledge the US role in these events. Now, as Haiti gears up for the third round of elections that are already marred by fraud, many wonder what the US role will be this time. Will the US accept any candidate that matches their interests or can activists force the US to stand for fair and democratic elections? Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Weisbrot: U.S. needs strict Haitian pledge before sending any aid. Mark Weisbrot, My Statesman November 5, 2015 When a devastating earthquake struck Haiti in January 2010, killing more than 200,000 people, former President Bill Clinton said that the reconstruction would provide an opportunity to “build back better.” Some […]

More Money, More Votes in October 25 Election

Though many in the international community have reported satisfaction with Haiti’s second round of elections, a major issue has been ignored: voting by political party representatives. Political party representatives called mandataires are allowed to vote unchecked in Haiti’s elections and in this one, there were almost a million mandataire passes issued. Not only that but political parties who couldn’t afford to use their passes sold them to the highest bidders. This means that parties with more money were able to effectively buy more votes. Now, everyone is waiting to see how this fraud will be accounted for in the election results. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Presidential Elections in Haiti: The Most Votes Money Can Buy Center for Economic and Policy Research November 3, 2015 On Monday, Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) announced […]

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