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San Francisco Lawyers Guild Denounces Haiti Election Process, Voter Repression

The San Francisco branch of the National Lawyers Guild is speaking out against the voter repression and attacks on the right to assemble seen during Haiti’s most recent round of elections. Though Haiti’s new president was sworn in early this month, these lawyers  call on the U.S. government (which makes many decisions in Haiti), the United Nations and the Organization of American States to end their support for this new administration.. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. National Lawyers Guild of San Francisco Stands in Solidarity With Haitian Grassroots Movement We Say No! To Stolen Elections National Lawyers Guild – San Francisco February 2017 For well over a month, tens of thousands of Haitians have been demonstrating daily to protest yet another stolen election and another denial of their right to determine their own […]

Political “Stability” Over True Democracy in Haiti

Haiti just elected a new president, Jovenel Moïse, after over a year of delays and even a rerun of the elections that originally placed Moïse as the front-runner. Unfortunately, and to the concern of many, Moïse was chosen by less than 10% of the electorate with only 20% of voters even participating at all. The complicated reasons for this lack of voter participation have been decades in the making, including consolidation of power on the right; coups against a popular Haitian leader; and interference by the international community. As IJDH Director Brian Concannon describes, much of the weaknesses and limitations on the left “can be explained by the undermining and overthrowing of the Lavalas governments, which prevented them from demonstrating how democracy can work, and the killing, jailing, and exiling of important leaders.” Frustrated with all this, most Haitians cannot picture their […]

Will Haiti’s Current Fight for Democracy Lead to Real Change?

In this op-ed, famous actor and humanitarian Danny Glover tracks the progress Haiti has made towards democracy during the current, long-delayed election cycle. While voter participation has been declining in Haiti, Haitians took a stand against international interference in the elections that were originally scheduled in 2015. There was so much backlash against that election process that the results were discarded and it was rescheduled to October 9, 2016. Now, Haitians have a chance at truly electing their next leader and pushing for a more progressive government that responds to the needs of Haiti’s poor majority. ——– Haiti’s First Free Elections In Years Hold Promise Of Bold Progressive Change Danny Glover, The World Post September 19, 2016 The United States isn’t the only country in the midst of a drawn out election campaign marked by voter discontent and demands for bold, new policy […]

An official date has been given for Haiti’s presidential run off

After holding out on solidifying a run-off date, all parties have agreed on a January 24th date.  The run-off date, however, is dwarfed by the fact that the newly-elected parliament is to take office next Monday. Part of the article is below. To view in full-text click HERE. It’s official: Haiti presidential runoff in 17 days Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald January 7, 2015 Haiti President Michel Martelly issued a presidential order Wednesday officially scheduling the country’s postponed presidential and partial legislative runoffs for Jan. 24. Martelly’s late night order came a day after the head of the Provisional Electoral Council reversed himself on the impossibility of staging the vote in time for Martelly’s Feb. 7 departure from office, and on the day that two top U.S. envoys arrived in Port-au-Prince to address an unraveling political crisis triggered by the Oct. […]

Flawed voting process haunting upcoming Haitian elections

The lasting impact the international community’s involvement in Haiti’s elections has proved to be harmful.  Still, the lessons have not been learned as we approach the new run-off date of January 17. The Past is Prologue with Haiti’s Elections Jake Johnson, TeleSur December 31, 2015 Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. As Haitians prepared to go to the polls in 2010, 45 members of the U.S. Congress wrote to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, warning that supporting such a flawed process “will come back to haunt the international community.” Five years later, as Haiti finds itself embroiled in another electoral crisis, the lasting impact of the 2010 election is clear for all to see. Unfortunately, these powerful actors, who have interfered in Haiti’s politics throughout its brief democratic history, do not seem to have […]

Lavalas dit ne pas approuver le mandat de la commission d’evaluation electorale

La candidate du parti Fanmi Lavalas Maryse Narcisse affirme que son parti n’acceptera pas le rapport de la commission d’evaluation electorale et annonce 2 journees de manifestations pour revandiquer l’annulation des joutes daout et d’octobre. Lavalas nie l’existence de la commission d’évaluation et annonce des manifs pour les 29 et 30 décembre Le Nouvelliste  28 décembre 2015   Une partie de l’article est en dessous. Cliquez ICI pour le texte intégral.   Tandis que la Commission d’évaluation électorale indépendante a fait ce lundi sa première conférence de presse sur l’état d’avancement de ses activités, des partis politiques de l’opposition, dont Fanmi Lavalas, continuent de nier son existence. En conférence de presse ce lundi, le parti de l’ex­président Jean­Bertrand Aristide dit attendre de pied ferme la mise en place d’une « Commission de vérification indépendante » qui doit établir la vérité sur […]

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