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No Money, No Justice?

December 31, 2014 “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” -Mahatma Gandhi- Dear Friend, My name is Vladimir Laguerre and I am a native of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I am the former Foreign Media Liaison Chief to Haiti’s current President [2011-2013]. Before that, I was a sports commentator for Telemax and Tele Métropole in Port-au-Prince and a contractor for the New York Times covering Haiti. My work at the New York Times gave me the chance to better understand how BAI and IJDH’s work is important for establishing prosperity and stability in Haiti. Who can forget the role of these organizations before, during and even after the Raboteau trial? Who can ignore the role of BAI and IJDH in providing justice to the thousands of Haitian victims of MINUSTAH’s cholera?I’d like to take […]

Brian Concannon & Mario Joseph Hailed “Heroes” in Salem

This article describes the Salem Award ceremony of March 23, including Brian and Mario’s presentation, background on the two, and dignitaries present at the ceremony. Salem Award honors Haitian heroes Tom Dalton, The Salem News March 24, 2014 SALEM — Two lawyers who have taken on everyone from military strongmen to the United Nations in their fight for the poor of Haiti were honored yesterday with the 22nd annual Salem Award for Human Rights and Social Justice. Mario Joseph and Brian Concannon received the award in an afternoon ceremony before a packed ballroom at the Hawthorne Hotel. “Mario and Brian are the most courageous, persistent and effective human rights activists I have met during 30 years of working in Haiti…” Dr. Paul Farmer, cofounder of Partners in Health, a leading health organization in Haiti, wrote in introductory remarks read to […]

A SOAPBOX IN HAITI presents “Mario Joseph: Human Rights in Haiti”

Raboteau Massacre Trial – RESOURCES

Case Status Legal Victory Leads to Historic Recovery for Massacre Survivors in Haiti About the Raboteau Massacre Raboteau Massacre Wikipedia Page Pote Mak Sonje- The Raboteau Trial (award-winning documentary) Articles about the Raboteau Massacre Civil Suit Exposes U.S. Role in Hait­ian Mas­sacres, –Worker’s World, June 1, 2008 National Lawyers Guild Con­grat­u­lates Raboteau Mas­sacre Vic­tims on His­toric Vic­tory, -(press release) May 23, 2008 Giv­ing “The Devil” His Due, –David Grann, The Atlantic Monthly, June 2001 Jus­tice Delayed: Show­down Looms in Haiti, –Boston Globe, June 11, 2000 So that Tyrants Won’t Rest, –New York Times August 2, 2000 Litigation in Haiti Reversal of Raboteau Massacre Verdict Amnesty International: Obliterating justice, overturning of sentences for Raboteau massacre by Supreme Court is a huge step backwards -May 2005 Justice Dodged, Part II -Boston Haitian Reporter, June 2005 Lettre Ouvert de Me. Mario Joseph au Ministre de la Justice -22 […]

Raboteau Massacre Trial – RESOURCES 2

Raboteau Massacre Trial Trial Watch: Profile of Michel Francois Pote Mak Sonje- The Raboteau Trial List of Raboteau Trial Convictions Justice for Haiti- the Raboteau Trial, International Lawyer, Summer 2001 Ordonnance (Charging Document) for the Raboteau Massacre (French) Press Releases from UN Independent Expert on Haiti and UN Mission in Haiti Articles on the Raboteau Massacre Trial Justice Dodged, Part II, June 2005 Legal Analysis of Raboteau Case Reversal – June 6, 2005 “Criticism Follows Court’s Decision- The Raboteau Case – Washington Times, May 17, 2005 Cour de Cassation Decision Reversing Raboteau Verdict Haiti’s ‘huge step forward’ pushed back – Toronto Star, May 14, 2005 Haiti Court Overturns Slaying Convictions – By PETER PRENGAMAN and MICHAEL NORTON, Associated Press Writers, Monday, May 9, 2005 Giving “The Devil” His Due – David Grann, The Atlantic Monthly, June 2001 Justice Delayed: Showdown […]

“Pote Mak Sonje: the Raboteau Trial”

“Pote Mak Sonje: the Raboteau Trial”   “Pote Mak Sonje: the Raboteau Trial”, an award-winning documentary, is a must-see for anyone trying to understand recent events in Haiti. It chronicles the courageous and persistent fight by victims of a 1994 massacre to obtain justice through Haiti’s court system. The Raboteau victims insisted on forcing a justice system that had always served those with guns and money to serve democratic ideals. They rejected violence, knowing that extrajudicial retaliation would only continue the vicious cycle. They bet on democracy continuing, and ensuring that anyone angered by their efforts would be forced to play by the same non-violent rules. In a way the victims won their bet: many of their oppressors were convicted, and the trial was hailed as fair to defendants and victims alike, and one of the most significant human rights […]

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