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State Department Emails Show U.S. Changing Haiti’s 2010 Election

Emails released through the Freedom of Information Act have revealed how much the US State Department pressured the Haitian government to change the results of the 2010 elections. The State Department’s efforts, along with those of Haitian businessman Reginald Boulos, resulted in Jude Célestin being replaced by Michel Martelly in the 2nd round presidential runoff. In this year’s elections, the US has so far supported Martelly’s apparent efforts to influence the election results. Despite rampant fraud and violence (usually by Martelly affiliates) in the first round of elections, the U.S. has deemed the process acceptable. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Clinton Emails Reveal “Behind the Doors Actions” of Private Sector and US Embassy in Haiti Elections Haiti Relief and Reconstruction Watch October 8, 2015 Recently released e-mails from Hillary Clinton’s private server reveal new details of how […]

Major Political Party Drops Out of Haiti’s Elections

The Vérité party, closely associated with former Haitian president Préval, has just dropped out of the 2015 elections due to the irregularities that have riddled the electoral process so far. This is a very big deal not only because  Vérité was one of the parties leading in the legislative race so far, but also because the elections may not have happened in the first place without Préval’s support. Vérité was considering withdrawing for a long time and now that it has, many are wondering what will happen with the elections and the political alliances that the party was involved in. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Political Party that Played Key Role in Bringing about Elections Drops out of Race Haiti Relief and Reconstruction Watch September 9, 2015 Haiti’s internationally backed electoral process was […]

Some Call August 9th Elections a “Political Coup”

Apart from international observers, many have decried the August 9th round of elections in Haiti as being marred by violence and fraud. In this interview, Youseline Augustin Bell of Fanmi Lavalas explains why she’d even call it a “political coup.” Among her reasons are the violence perpetrated mostly by two parties tied to President Martelly and a party backed by former president Préval, which caused some towns to cancel voting altogether. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. “A Political Coup” – Interview with Youseline Augustin Bell, Cap-Haïtien Propaganda Press! August 18, 2015 Mdm Youseline Augustin Bell is an educator, psychologist, and attorney. In 1995 together with her husband Bell Angelot they opened the College Bell Angelot in Cap-Haïtien  which presently has 1,000 K-12 students. A well known human rights activist and a member of Fanmi […]

1,515 Candidates Approved for Haiti Legislative Elections

Over 2,000 candidates originally registered for Haiti’s legislative elections. The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) in charge of overseeing elections, has whittled the number down to a still-unwieldy 1,515. While the number of candidates has been a concern, many parties are also concerned with the lack of transparency in the CEP’s process of rejecting candidates. Some led protests while some encouraged their supporters to remain calm.   Part of the post is below. Click HERE for the full text.   CEP Releases Final List of Candidates for Legislative Elections Center for Economic and Policy Research May 19, 2015   Early Friday morning, Haiti’s electoral authority posted online the final list (PDF) of approved candidates for legislative elections scheduled to be held in August. Over 2,000 candidates registered, representing some 98 different political parties. The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) rejected 522 candidates […]

Foreign Lack of Accountability in Haiti

This article discusses not only the United Nations’ lack of accountability regarding the cholera epidemic in Haiti but also the general lack of accountability for political meddling in Haiti. For example, the 2004 coup was a major setback, and MINUSTAH arguably does more harm than good but continues to receive troops from USA, Canada, France, Spain and Brazil. When Will the UN Pay For Its Crimes in Haiti? When Will Anyone? Joe Emersberger, Canada Haiti Action Network July 28, 2014 Since 2010 the UN has been dodging responsibility for a cholera outbreak that has killed 8,500 Haitians and sickened more than 700,000. Nepalese soldiers with the UN “peacekeeping” forces caused the outbreak by allowing their sewage to leak into Haiti’s largest river. According to the UN itself, cholera could kill 2,000 more people in 2014. The UN now faces a […]

Violent Forced Evictions from Vilaj Mozayik

Forced evictions are still going on in Internally Displaced Camps in Haiti.  This one, in Vilaj Mozayik, resulted in at least 6 people being injured, including a pregnant woman.   Residents of Haiti’s Vilaj Mozayik violently evicted Wawa Chege, MCC Haiti December 12, 2013 Français Residents of the Haitian camp Vilaj Mozayik were rudely awakened Saturday morning to the sounds of yelling and fighting outside their makeshift structures and tents.  It seemed like a bad dream to the residents who had settled here after fleeing Port au Prince in search of safety from evictions. Violence erupted moments later, injuring at least six residents of Vilaj Mozayik, including Sheila Joachim, who is four-months pregnant, according to a source close to MCC. “[The police] hit me with a baton before I could run away,” Joachim said.  The unit responsible was UDMO, the […]

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