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13 Members of Congress Demand Cholera Justice and UN Apology

Congresswoman Barbara Lee and twelve other Congresspersons wrote to the United Nations Secretary General and encouraged the US to allocate resources to the UN’s cholera response. The Congresspersons also urged an apology for the UN-caused epidemic, saying that “Each day that passes without a formal apology and remediation efforts further erodes trust in the UN and affiliated peacekeeping missions.” Part of the letter is below. Click HERE for the full letter. —————- November 18, 2016 His Excellency Ban Ki-moon Secretary-General of the United Nations 760 United Nations Plaza New York, NY 10017 Dear Mr. Secretary-General, It has been six years since UN peacekeepers brought cholera to Haiti, which was already reeling from deadly and devastating January 2010 earthquake. As a direct result of their negligence, nearly 800,000 people have been infected with cholera and upwards of 9,500 people have died.1 In 2014, […]

Philip Alston statement on UN responsibility for cholera in Haiti

In a statement in front of the 71st session of the UN General Assembly, Philip Alston, special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, called on the UN to revisit the flawed legal advice it received in 2013 from its Office of Legal Affairs on how to deal with incoming claims of legal responsibility for the cholera outbreak. Alston also calls on UN Member States to back up their words of sympathy for Haiti’s cholera victims by generously donating to a recently-established Trust Fund purposed for materially assisting Haitians and for intensifying efforts to eliminate the disease. His statement even includes a shout out to BAI and IJDH for keeping up the fight for cholera justice! An excerpt from the statement is posted below. Click HERE for the full statement. Cliquez ICI pour la version française (vidéo). Statement by Professor Philip […]

Déclaration de l’expert indépendant du conseil des droits de l’homme des Nations Unies sur Haïti

Mr. Gustavo Gallón, expert indépendant du conseil des droits de l’homme des Nations Unies, a publié une déclaration sur l’état des droits de l’homme en Haïti. Sa déclaration couvre un grand nombre de questions troublantes en Haïti, comme des dommages après l’ouragan Matthew, problèmes de santé mentale, épidémie de choléra et de la responsabilité des Nations Unies, l’état des prisons en Haïti, reparations, l’analphabétisme, et violence contre les personnes LGBTI. CONFÉRENCE DE PRESSE MR. GUSTAVO GALLÓN EXPERT INDÉPENDANT DU CONSEIL DES DROITS DE L’HOMME DES NATIONS UNIES SUR LA SITUATION DES DROITS DE L’HOMME EN HAÏTI Logan Abassi, MINUSTAH Octobre 25, 2016   Port-au-Prince Mesdames et messieurs, Permettez-moi, tout d’abord, de réitérer l’expression de mes sentiments de solidarité avec les victimes de l’ouragan Matthew et avec le peuple Haïtien dans son ensemble qui a été soumis à cette nouvelle catastrophe le […]

Matthew Reminds Us of UN Role in Haiti Cholera Epidemic

This story tracks cholera in Haiti, from when United Nations peacekeepers first brought the previously-unknown disease to Haiti in 2010 to the UN finally admitting involvement in the epidemic in 2016. When the epidemic first began, the UN tried to cover up its involvement and the World Health Organization helped by saying that the focus needed to be on stopping the disease rather than finding the origin. For years, the UN denied involvement and also dodged responsibility in court, using immunity against the lawsuit IJDH filed against it. Now that Hurricane Matthew has brought more water into Haiti, the risk of cholera spiking has increased. What will the UN do about it? The UN’s Role in the Devastating Cholera Epidemic in Haiti Gillian Mahoney, ABC News October 20, 2016 As Hurricane Matthew churned off the coast of Haiti earlier this month […]

Time for Haiti’s Government to Demand Cholera Justice

BAI’s Mario Joseph, along with about 100 cholera victims, protested in front of Haiti’s presidential palace this week. They asked the Haitian government to speak in favor of justice for Haiti’s cholera victims, especially now that the United Nations has finally admitted its involvement in the epidemic. Many believe the Haitian government has been afraid to speak out in the past because of its reliance on Haiti’s UN force, MINUSTAH. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Haiti cholera victims protest against UN Jamaica Observer September 13, 2016 PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AFP) — Around 100 Haitian cholera victims protested Monday in front of the presidential palace demanding that the Government obtain damages from the United Nations, whose peacekeepers are blamed for the epidemic. “We are here so that (interim president) Jocelerme Privert finally takes the victims’ […]

Will the UN finally stop stonewalling Haiti’s cholera victims?

The last few weeks have brought damning reports about the UN’s actions regarding cholera in Haiti. Finally, there was a glimmer of hope when for the first time in almost six years, a UN spokesperson admitted UN involvement in the cholera epidemic. The glimmer was dimmed by an Appeals Court’s decision to uphold UN immunity in a case on behalf of the cholera victims. The UN, however, has welcomed the recommendations from one of the two damning reports, and promises to reveal some new actions against cholera in the coming two months. Are these signs that the UN may finally take concrete action against the epidemic it started back in October 2010? ——— UN stonewall on Haiti cholera epidemic starts to crumble George Russell, Fox News August 19, 2016 The United Nations’ wall of denial concerning its responsibility for Haiti’s six-year-old […]

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