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Former UN Staffer Discusses Accountability for Sexual Abuse and Cholera

Célhia de Lavarène, a French journalist who worked for many years at the United Nations, discusses the lack of accountability for sexual abuse by peacekeepers and cholera the UN brought to Haiti. Former UN staffer speaks out about sex abuse scandals France24 November 3, 2016 Click HERE for the original post.

Code Blue plan to end impunity for peacekeeper sexual abuse

Code Blue has released a comprehensive plan to end impunity for UN peacekeeper sexual abuse by establishing special independent courts to deal with this issue. The plan aims to tackle the three largest issues surrounding peacekeeper sexual abuse: the historical and long-existing documentation of sexual abuse by peacekeeping personnel, the current system that allows perpetrators to escape prosecution, and the failure of the UN to address the underlying sturctural issues that allow for sexual abuse to occur. A Practical Plan to End Impunity for Peacekeeper Sexual Abuse Code Blue October 13, 2016 THE CODE BLUE CAMPAIGN IS ADVOCATING FOR A NEW, INDEPENDENT SYSTEM OF SPECIAL COURTS TO DEAL WITH SEXUAL ABUSE BY UN PEACEKEEPING PERSONNEL. THIS SOLUTION WILL PROVIDE IMPARTIAL JUSTICE FOR VICTIMS, THE ACCUSED, AND THE BATTERED POPULATIONS WHO CURRENTLY HAVE NO REAL RECOURSE TO JUSTICE. Download as a PDF October […]

Le discours de Ban Ki-moon sur le cholera, violences sexuelles

Ceci est une partie du transcription du discours de Ban Ki-moon, à l’Assemblée générale des Nations Unies le 20 septembre 2016. Pendant le discours, il exprime le regret au sujet de choléra, que l’Onu a introduit en Haïti en 2010. Il exprime aussi le regret au sujet de violences sexuelles commis par les Casques Bleus. This is part of the transcript of the speech Ban Ki-moon made at the UN General Assembly September 20, 2016. During the speech, he expressed his regret regarding cholera, which the UN brought to Haiti in 2010. He also expresses his regret regarding sexual violence committed by peacekeepers. The English translation of the cholera portion is below the French. ———— 20 septembre 2016 Je saisis cette occasion pour exprimer mes regrets au sujet de deux situations qui ont terni la réputation de l’Organisation et, pire encore, traumatisé les […]

IJDH’s Advocacy for Cholera Justice Featured in The Nation

This article provides an interesting analysis of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s tenure including his successes and failures and the challenges he faced in making changes within the United Nations. On the “failure” side, the author highlights AIDS-Free World’s campaign for justice for sexual abuse by peacekeepers (particularly in the Central African Republic) and IJDH’s fight for justice for the cholera epidemic peacekeepers brought to Haiti in 2010. One thing Ban highlights as a goal before his term ends is establishing concrete environmental policies. Will he also address cholera and sexual abuse before the next Secretary-General steps in? Ban Ki-moon Reflects on the Successes and Frustrations of His 10 Years as UN Secretary General In his decade in office, Ban never overcame his aloof image. But in many ways he modernized the United Nations, and pushed it to confront its deepest challenges. […]

Next UN Secretary-General Must Clean Up Accountability Crisis

The United Nations has been facing an accountability crisis due to failure to properly respond to sexual abuse by peacekeepers, a cholera epidemic it brought to Haiti in 2010, and poisoning of Roma families in Kosovo. While the current Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon still has time to save his legacy by responding justly to these problems, the next Secretary General has an opportunity to turn the situation entirely around by respecting human rights from the outset. An accountability pledge led by AIDS-Free World and IJDH asks the Secretary-General candidates to do just that but so far, only four out of 11 have weighed in. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. New UN secretary-general must commit to accountability Lauren Carasik, Al Jazeera August 28, 2016 Recent accountability crises in United Nations peacekeeping missions have revealed a […]

UN’s Belated Owning Cholera Responsibility Demonstrates Accountability Crisis

Though it shouldn’t have taken the United Nations nearly six years to own up to its involvement in the cholera epidemic in Haiti, this editorial board isn’t surprised given the past lack of UN accountability. In both cases of sexual abuse and the cholera epidemic, the UN has focused more on covering the problem up than actually addressing it. Now that it has admitted responsibility for cholera, hopefully an apology and compensation will come next. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Dodging Accountability at the United Nations Editorial, The New York Times August 22, 2016 It shouldn’t have taken five years and a scathing report by an internal human rights watchdog for the United Nations to acknowledge that it bears responsibility for the cholera epidemic in Haiti sparked by its peacekeepers deployed after the 2010 […]

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