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The United Nations Material Assistance to Survivors of Cholera in Haiti: Consulting Survivors and Rebuilding Trust, October 2017

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Plus de 5,000 Haïtiens Victimes du Choléra ont porté plainte contre l’ONU/MINUSTAH afin d’obtenir Justice et Réparation, November 2011

Video & Multimedia

6-minute video mes­sage

1-minute video message

May 8, 2013 Press Conference in response to UN dismissal

Podcast: Meet the man who’s suing the United Nations for bringing cholera to Haiti

CAP is proud to be fea­tured in Base­ball in the Time of Cholera, an award-winning film that was released online July 12, 2012. The filmfol­lows Joseph, a young Hait­ian base­ball player, and BAI Man­ag­ing Attor­ney Mario Joseph, who is fight­ing for jus­tice for cholera vic­tims. As the epi­demic spreads, the two sto­ries inter­sect in the strug­gle for sur­vival and justice.

“Base­ball in the Time of Cholera” Please join IJDH vol­un­teers through­out North Amer­ica in sup­port­ing the fight for jus­tice for Haiti’s cholera vic­tims by host­ing a screen­ing of the award-winning film Base­ball in the Time of Cholera. Click HERE to find out more. 

Select Press Coverage

After Hurricane Matthew, UN cholera threatens Haiti, October 2016

President Privert Answers the Call of Cholera Victims in U.N. General Assembly Address, September 2016

UN Chief Issues Historic Statement on Haiti Cholera, As Experts Call For A Robust UN Response to Victims, September 2016

UN Admits Role in Haiti Cholera – Media Coverage, August 2016

Lawmakers Urge John Kerry to Press U.N. for Haiti Cholera Response, June 2016

Cholera Deaths in Haiti Could Far Exceed Official Count, March 2016

Court Hears Suit Against U.N. on Haiti Cholera Outbreak, March 2016

Haiti Cholera Victims Want Justice from the UN, October 2015

UN Special Rapporteurs Send Cholera Accusation Letter to the Secretary General, April 2015

UN Cholera Plan for Haiti Must Choose Justice Over Charity, February 2015

77 Congresspersons Urge UN to Provide Settlement Mechanism for Cholera Victims and their Families, December 2014

There’s an Epidemic on Trial in New York — But It’s Not Ebola, October 2014

Haiti cholera victims get a hearing in U.S. court, October 2014

Secretary General in Haiti for Cholera “Photo-op” as Transparency Questions Continue to Dog the UN, July 2014

U.N. Chief Served Papers in Suit by Haitian Victims, Lawyers Say, June 2014

The UN is not above the law, March 2014

Local nonprofit up against the UN for Haiti, February 2014

Immediate Press Coverage of Suit Filed Against the UN on October 9, 2013

UN Official Pushes Compensation for Haiti Victims, October 2013

Haiti PM: United Nations has moral responsibility in Haiti cholera outbreak, September 2013

St Vincent’s Gonsalves Urges UN to Apologize For Bringing Cholera to Haiti, September 2013

Why can’t anyone sue the United Nations?, September 2013

L’Onu en grave conflit de droits en Haïti, August 2013

United Nations must admit its role in Haiti’s cholera outbreak, August 2013

Haiti cholera epidemic caused by UN, say experts, July 2013

U.N. Faces Suit over Haitian Cholera Deaths, May 2013

United Nations Denies Justice to Haiti Cholera Victims UN announces legal claims “not receivable” after 15 months of silence, February 2013

UN Response to Haiti Cholera Complaint “Represents a Failure of the UN System,” CEPR Co-Director Says, February 2013

UN Peacekeepers to blame for 7,500 cholera deaths in devastated Haiti: public health expert, October 2012

Justice Groups Urge UN Human Rights Official Visiting Haiti to Examine Rights Implications of the UN Cholera Epidemic, August 2012

Security Council Members, Clinton Break with UN’s Policy of Denial on Cholera, March 2012

UN Must Take Responsibility for Haiti Cholera Outbreak, February 2012

Haitian Victims of UN Cholera Tell UN: “Universal Means Haitians Too”, December 2011

FAQs about the UN’s respon­si­bil­ity and IJDH’s case.




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